Welcome to Medhealth Consultants LLC formerly known as Davila Tax & Accounting.

Our firm now provides accounting, health & life insurance and tax preparation services.

We have been serving in Miami for over 15 years. For any tax problem big or small, we do it all! We specialize in personal income tax, business income tax and small business accounting.

 Our vision is to give the best possible service for the lowest price. 


13500 SW 88th St Suite 211-C Miami, FL 33186

13500 SW 88th St Suite 211-C Miami, FL 33186

Depending on your needs, an accountant can help you choose the most appropriate business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation); determine your working capital needs; set up your overall accounting system; prepare tax returns and give ongoing advice on peak tax efficiency; guide you in understanding and interpreting your standard financial statements; and assist with budgeting, cash flow management, internal controls, lease-or-buy decisions, inventory strategies, pricing and other consulting to help your business grow.